Course Development & Tutor - CS805 Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity

MSc Graduate Apprenticeship in Cybersecurity, University of Strathclyde, Computer and Information Sciences, 2020

CS805 Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity aimed at providing students with experience with reading and understanding novel, high-tiered research papers from a variety of disciplines within the field of cyber security. At the time of the course, 3015 papers have been published in the top four security-research conferences within the last 25 years. New security knowledge is often first published in conference papers, so the skill for reading, assimilating, and communicating new knowledge is a crucial skill for students to learn. Students in this course would select two high tier papers out of a list we provided from the top 4 security venues (Tier 1 / A* venues), writing a review of one paper and presenting another as if they were the author.

For this course, I led the development of lesson plans, content and marking and assessment. The GA programme was delivered as a series of documents to be read and videos to watch about the content specific to each week. Because of Covid-19, this was delivered online in its entirety and students were provided with videos on paper reading, analysis and reviewing, among others, as well as personal support and tutoring to help manage any difficulties they may have had.