Course Development & Tutor - CS807 Vulnerability Assessment and Security Testing

MSc Graduate Apprenticeship in Cybersecurity, University of Strathclyde, Computer and Information Sciences, 2020

CS807 Vulnerability Assessment and Security Testing was a course that made part of the Graduate Apprenticeship MSc in Cybersecurity, which gave industry professionals the opportunity to achieve a masters degree in cybersecurity while working at the same time. This course aimed at introducing students to more advanced threat modelling, exploring various vulnerabilities of different computing systems, and real-world penetration testing and security analysis.

For this course, I helped with the development of lesson plans, content and marking and assessment. The GA programme was delivered as a series of documents to be read and videos to watch about the content specific to each week. Every 3 weeks (2 in total for the course) there would be an in-person campus day full of lab sessions and in-person lectures about content for that week as well. The lab sessions in this course involved Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competitions between students, thrat modelling assignments and Q&A sessions on class content.